Anchor Sunday School Class


May 19th – Jim Phillips – John 16

Dear Anchor Class,

This Sunday will be our last session until we regroup in late Summer/early Fall. I hope you will all make a special effort to be there as we continue our study of John’s Gospel. Marbury led us through chapter 15 and we will pick up in chapter 16 which begins with, “I have said all these things”. What are those things? “if the world hates you” V15:18, “therefore the world hates you” v15:19b, “whoever hates me hates my Father also” v15:23. This 16th chapter of John seems very appropriate to our time and circumstances. We increasingly live in a world that hates God and anything having to do with faith. Jesus is speaking to his disciples to keep them from falling away (16:1), because of the hatred they will encounter. We will define what the bible means by “world”, it is used 8 times in our text. We will also identify several instructions and provisions that Jesus gives his disciples, and to us, on how to live in a world that is increasingly hostile to faith in general and Jesus in particular. Sounds like the world we live in doesn’t it?

I look forward to seeing each of you Sunday




We will not have Zoom this week