May 15th - Marbury Rainer - II Corinthians 1 & 2

In Class Only - No Zoom


This Sunday we will pick up our study of II Corinthians. If you, like me, missed last Sunday’s class, make sure you listen to Bob’s lesson on the web site. It was a wonderful message challenging us to examine ourselves (II Cor. 13:5). Bob said we should take stock and reflect on who we are as the Anchor Class and why each of us is here. I know he challenged me  to recommit to focus on the Bible we study and live out the written word of God with this community we all share.

This Sunday, we will pick back up in Chapter 1 where Bob started and get into Chapter 2. Read both Chapters in at least two translations.  As we have seen, this is a very personal letter in which Paul is dealing both with serious issues in the church and personal attack on him.  We’ll focus on the context of the troubles Paul and the Corinthian church had been going through which he discusses beginning in 1:8 and continues in the misunderstanding dealt with in 1:12 through 2:4 and 2:12-13. Also read Acts 19 and I Cor. 16:5-10.

In the second chapter, Paul also gives us great lessons on the forgiveness of sinners and what it means to be ministers of the Good News of the Gospel, true lessons on living out the written Word.

Kathy and I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday.



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