October 25th - Dan Hayes - Matthew 8


Dear Anchor Class,

At the end of Chapter 7 of Matthew, it says that “the crowd was amazed at His teaching because it was with authority, not like that of the scribes.” This epigrammatic statement marks a transition from the Sermon on the Mount by Jesus to The Demonstration in the World by Jesus.

In Chapter 8, Matthew gives us 6 instances of healing (and healing in different ways and to different audiences) in which His authority is demonstrated in actual life, not in religious discussion.

Jesus made it clear in Chapter 7 that the “narrow way” He followed, and that we also must follow, was trusting and watching His Father and then doing those same works that His Father did (John 5:19-20). He spoke in Matt 5-7. He demonstrated in Chapter 8!

Look at the 6 situations in Chapter 7. Look at what the need was and who had the need. Notice who he healed first, who was second, who followed? Notice what amazed Him and why. Notice what amazed the disciples. Can you find anything in these vignettes that tie back to Matt. 5-8? Finally, note in the last healing what the unusual response of the townspeople was. Why do you think they responded this way(vs. 34)?

·       Healing the outcast/shunned Vs. 1-4

·       Healing the enemy Vs. 5-13

·       Healing the many Vs. 14-17

·       Healing the temporally minded Vs..18-22

·       Healing the timid Vs.23-27

·       Healing the demonically oppressed Vs..28-34

Looking forward to seeing you Sunday.


Dan Hayes


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