January 24th - Bob Marsh - Matthew 15


Matthew 15

In preparation for Sunday’s study, it is imperative to keep in mind several objectives in Matthew’s writing this Gospel. (1) Jesus of Nazareth is the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy pointing to the coming of the Messiah. (2) What is the nature of this God we are called to worship and serve?(Compassion and Encouragement are seen in chapter 14).  (3) Keep in mind that Jesus is striving to TEACH HIS APOSTLES, and the lesson they were to learn, we should learn also.

15:1-2; What was the complaint the Pharisees and Teachers of the Law had against Jesus? No, this was not a matter of hygiene, but of a ceremonial ritual that had been added to the Law (Moses). It was a ceremonial ritual to cleanse oneself of any contamination from bumping into a Gentile.

15:3-6, One could escape the demand of Law to honor Father and Mother by using one of the Pharisee’s traditions.

15:7-20; in these verses Jesus is dealing with (1) True Authority (2) True Worship, and (3) True morality. He contrasts these with the False.

15:20, back to unwashed hands. What does Jesus say about it?

15:21-28. He goes into Gentile territory, and what is the first event He faces? Now keep in mind one of the major purposes of Jesus: training His apostles. Jewish tradition looked upon Gentles as “dogs.”In what subject is Jesus teaching His apostles? Hint: “great faith.” Peter had faith 14:31: what kind?

Context: Here is a Gentile woman, despised by Jewish tradition, a Canaanite woman! Yet she had “great faith.” In fact, she recognizes Jesus as Messiah: “Son of David.” It took a lot of training and lessons for the Apostles to reach that conclusion: Matthew 16:15; something is going on here, something significant. Let’s study together.


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