December 8th - Marbury Rainer - Hebrews 12


This week we will continue our study of Hebrews in Chapter 12. Actually, since Chapter 12 begins with a "therefore", we need to look back to verse 39 of Chapter 11 which explains the "cloud of witnesses" cheering the Hebrews (and us) as we "run with perseverance the race that is set before us." Chapter 12 deals with the work and walk of the Hebrews church which has members who have undergone hardship for their faith and have considered turning back. The writer sets our eyes on Jesus and his suffering on the cross so that we do not grow weary or lose heart. Pay attention to the comparison of their hardships to the discipline that children receive from a father and that Christians grow through suffering. The chapter then urges perseverance, peace and holiness in congregational life, lessons which are as applicable to us today as they were for the early church. Try to read at least the first 17 verses of the chapter in a couple of translations before Sunday.

At the urging of Kathy(or should I say, at her instruction), I will kick off the Advent Season during the last 15 minutes with a short version of the Christmas lesson I have done in past years, which sets the historical stage for the time and place of our Savior's birth and why  the time he was sent by God to be born of a woman was the "fullness of (the right) time. Gal. 4:4.

Kathy and I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday.



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