January 30th - Marbury Rainer - 1st John 2:28-29 & 3


 This Sunday we will continue our study of 1 John, picking up where Ryland finished last week. We will start with the last two verses of Chapter 2 which begin John’s teaching in Chapter 3. Read 2:28-29 and Chapter 3 in a couple of translations. In these passages, John packs in lessons on living as children of God, the privilege we have as children, and our obligation  to embrace purity and to avoid sin. John then reminds us that we must love as Christ loved us, and we as Christians, we cannot hate, even as the world hates us because throughout history, righteousness has provoked hostility (note the Cain and Abel reference). John emphasizes that we are to believe in Jesus as Christ and Savior, continue and abide in Him, love others, and do what is right. William Barclay sums up Chapter 3 by stating that it teaches the great truth of Christian life-Right Belief which leads to Right Conduct.

In reading this Chapter, I was struck by how closely it follows Jesus’ teaching to John and the rest of the Apostles at the last supper. You might want to read John 15 as well since we will look at it as well.

Kathy and I look forward to being with you virtually on Sunday.



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