Anchor Prayer Team (a.k.a. Prayer Warriors - We Fight and Pray to Overcome!)

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Anchor Leaders:


Chair: Christine (Chrissy) Reese, email:

Member of Peachtree Church since 2004

Degree in Counseling

From Mobile, Alabama, home of the first Mardi Gras!


Co-Chair: Karen Kassouf, email:

Member of Peachtree Church since 2000

Prior Stephen Minister at the Church

Formerly of Texas and Ohio, but loves to visit S.C.


Peachtree Pastoral Care Ministers & Support Ministries


Vicki Franch; 404-842- 2571

Bio at


Scott  Tucker; 404-842-3172

Bio at


Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministers are members of Peachtree who have volunteered and have been trained to care for and support others in times of deep personal need.


Support Groups

Peachtree has a number of support groups for a variety of needs: grief, divorce recovery, addiction, behavioral care and many more.


Resources - (a.k.a. Spiritual Weapons)


Gospills - Scriptures for Healing as you Age


Healing Scriptures


Seven Reasons to Pray by Dan Hayes


God's Promises for Your Every Need - Leather Bound – February 5, 1995, by Jack Countrymen, (Available on Amazon, $12.79)


A Tribute to Caroline Grace Thome (1/12/2017 – 12/16/2019), granddaughter of class members Pam & Alex Mullen;

A Prayer When Your Loved One Passes on to the Next Life, (written by Karen Kassouf for Pam & Alex, on 12/22/2019)




“I can only imagine ….


I can only imagine that when Ms. Caroline first started losing consciousness,

And went into a twilight zone,

That she then peeked into heaven …and was so amazed at what she saw!


I can only imagine her looking up at the Lord, and his angels and

Maybe waiving her hands and asking to come in.

I can then imagine God looking lovingly at her and replying

‘Normally I would say No, as my desire is that everyone live a long life on the earth, at least 70 years,

As I stated in Psalm 90, but you are a special case Ms. Caroline. ‘


‘You have been so loved since the day you entered earth,

Your family has been so devoted to you and helped you

Through your many challenges, generously sharing their time and spiritual and worldly resources,

But most of all just loving you as a precious angel.’

‘And they are not going to understand

Why you do not wish to return to earth to be with them,

The joys of heaven are so hard to imagine when you are living in an earthly world, ‘


‘But I believe it would be good for me to take care of you now,

As I have other plans for them, that hopefully they will come to understand,

As they trust me ….

And realize that no matter the storms on earth that may come,

You are safely tucked away here in heaven with me,

….And the Sun will come out again for them too. ‘ “




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